The following urban interventions & community projects formed part of my earlier journeys into street art (2011-2018). These spontaneous self funded pieces act independent from any art-establishment and is part of my personal creative exploration in the 'making' of art in the city streets.

Working with processes of transformation, replacement and motion, my role as an artist is that of a mediator.  My work subtly changes the city streets to create a dialogue and interactions between the environment and our experience of it. The artworks take ownership and manipulate city spaces, opening new relationships with daily familiarity. The end result carries conversations, becoming a fragment of the ever changing city’s history.

The iThemba Tower project is a 20 meter-high permanent art installation made with over 7,000 recycled plastic bottles on a redundant communication tower in Troyeville, Johannesburg. The project involved schools and waste collectors in collecting the bottles and filling each one with a "message in a bottle". The project raised recycling awareness workshops and activities, the theme of the messages was to write a message of hope. 'iThemba' is a isiZulu word that means trust or hope. This project supported local community and raised the iThemba Tower, a public art monument, a symbolic communication tower around which a diversity of people shared their collective hopes. The 20 meter-high installation has become a landmark and symbol of inspiration.

Project Director, Producer & Creator: r1 / 2016/17

Brothers in Benches

I was asked to take part in a residence program in down-town Johannesburg (Maboneng). The aim of the project was to solve issues within the city in a creative way; to come up with innovative ideas and solutions that positively contribute to the community in an artistic way. I collaborated with Sam, a local informal upholstery coach maker. We developed 6 interchangeable movable benches that are made out of reclaimed wooden pallets. The benches were designed so they all interlock with one another as part of one singular structure. We placed them around down-town JHB at various locations and are intended for the public to engage with. / 2014