This work is one of my my largest public art installation. 172 chromadek plates installed onto a corner wall at August House in Jozi CBD. It took me 4 days to install and I drilled 688 holes. The size is 23 meters high by 6 meters wide. One of the key aspect I love about the work is due to its placement on the corner wall, creates a 3D like effect. It makes the artwork seem to pop out of the building, creating a sculptural-like mural. Filmed / Edited and created by r1.

The following installation is part of an exhibition piece for the Urban Art Biennale in Germany. The festival celebrates numerous street artists from across the globe.. The two panels took  two days to complete and I use more than 1500 meters of barrier tape.  Filmed / Edited and created by r1. 

The work is made out of 100 colored chevron street signs that forms one singular mandala. The artwork has been placed at n T-junction. When cars drive pass, it illuminates at night. / Dimensions 5mX5m / / Videographer: Jabulani Khwela / Edited by r1. / Created by r1. 

This video is a collaborative work between r1. and film director Harold Holsher. It is based on r1.’s public art piece ‘Hidden Trophy’ located in central Johannesburg city.  The pattern of the artwork hides the shape of a blue wildebeest’s head, a distinctive African antelope known for its spectacular annual migration. All these elements combine in this piece by means of subtle metaphoric representations, channeled through the 'vision' of the artist as he journeys into the city night. Credits follow link